Smart English Problems Seri XI.3.6_1 Letter/Email

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Read the text to answer questions 10 – 13!

Diamond Publications
Jl. Jend. Sudirman 121
5th April 2017

Hendry Winata
SMA Mandala
Jl. Gunung Salak

Dear, Mr. Hendry,
Thank you for your order for 50 copies each of Intensive Integrated Course and Skill in Writing English. The books were dispatched on 4th April and are scheduled to reach you on 7th April, in the afternoon. If you haven’t received them, please let me know. Also, please contact me as soon as possible, if you find any damage to the books.

As requested, I am attaching a brochure, which provides information about our other products. If you have further questions, please call me on 08588707588 or send mean e‐mail at

Yours sincerely,
Alan Suryatmaja
Enc: brochure

10.  From the text above we can conclude that ….

A. The products were delivered to SMA Mandala the day after the order
B. Mr. Hendry Winata ordered 50 copies of English books
C. A brochure about publications’ products was sent on 5th April
D. Mr. Alan Suryatmaja worked for a publishing company
E. There was a problem with the shipment

11.  Why does Mr. Alan Suryatmaja send the letter?

A. To order products
B. To inform about product delivery
C. To explain about product availability
D. To apologize for the products’ late dispatch  
E. To complain about product damage

12.  What does the brochure cover?

A. Pricing list of the product
B. Information about new books
C. The schedule of the order will arrive
D. Any information about the product
E. Names list of the product sent

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13.  “The books were dispatched on 4th April and…”
The word ‘dispatched’ can be substituted with ….

A. packed
B. posted
C. finished
D. printed
E. ordered

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