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Read the text to answer questions 3 – 6!

One day, when I was ten years old, my father bought an old motorcycle. That was ” Honda 75″. I think it was small light object and easy to ride it. I persuaded my father to teach me to ride ” Honda 75 “. Firstly, my father refused my request and promised that he would teach me two or three years later, but I still whimpered. Finally, my father surrendered and promised to teach me.

He began to teach me riding the motorcycle around a field in my village. My father was very patient to give me some directions. I was very happy when I realized my ability to ride a motorcycle. ” Yes, I can “.

One day later, when I was alone at home, I intended to try my riding ability. So, I myself tried bravely. All ran fluently in the beginning, but when I was going back to my home and I passed through a narrow slippery street, I got nervous. I lost my control and I fell to the ditch.

After that, I told my father about the last accident. I imagined my father would be angry and never let me ride again. But the reality is exactly on the contrary, my father was very proud of me. He just gave me some advices and since that accident, I got my father’s permission to ride motorcycle.

3.    What happened after the writer father bought a motorcycle?

A.    His father bought a motorcycle.
B.    His father began to teach him riding
C.    His father promised to teach him riding.
D.    The writer persuaded his father to teach him riding
E.    His father refused his request to buy a motorcycle for him.

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4.    What did the writer’s father finally promise?

A. To buy a motorcycle
B. To ride him on a motorcycle
C. To give him a new motorcycle
D. To teach him riding a motorcycle  
E. To realize his ability riding a motorcycle

5.    At first, his father would teach him riding a motorcycle at the age of ….

A. 10 or 11
B. 12 or 13  
C. 13 or 14
D. 14 or 15
E. 15 or 16

6.    These are the causes of the accident happened, except:

A.    He lost his control
B.    The slippery road
C.    The narrow road
D.    He tried bravely
E.    He got nervous

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