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Soal 26
What is the text about?

A.     The invention of Alfred Bernhard Nobel
B.     The living of Alfred Bernhard Nobel
C.      The experience of Alfred Bernhard Nobel
D.     The honor of Alfred Bernhard Nobel
E.     The organization of Alfred Bernhard Nobel

Soal 27
What is the main idea of paragraph 2?

A.     Alfred Nobel devoted himself to the study of chemistry.
B.     His success with explosive finally led to the 1864 tragedy.
C.      A big explotion destroyed his factory in Heleneborg Stockholm.
D.     A big explotion in Heleneborg in in Stockholm killed many people.
E.     Alfred Nobel planned the safe manufacture and use of nitroglycerine.

Soal 28
What was Bofors’ main business under Alfred Nobel?

A.     It manufactured cannons and other ornaments.
B.     It designed the ironclad monitor.
C.      It produced iron and steel.
D.     It produced dynamite.
E.     It invented nobelium.

This text for questions 29 – 31

KEBUMEN, Central Java (Antara): Three people were killed and five others injured when a Taksaka expresses train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta rammed into a Toyota Kijang in Kebumen, Central Java, on Thursday.

                Kebumen train station official Muhammad Sujono said the accident occurred at 6.30 a.m at a railway crossing between Wonosari and Kebumen city in Kedung Bener Village.

                The three fatalities from the ill-fated car were all children under six-years-old and identified as Rejeki, Zakiah and Hikmatul Khasanah. The injured victims were Muhammad Yusuf, Taryumi, Irfani, Tinasari and Ade Abdulraham.

                All fatalities and the injured were from Jakarta and had been evacuated to Kebuman Hospital.

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Soal 29
The accident happened …

A.     In the morning
B.     At noon
C.      In the afternoon
D.     In the evening
E.     At night

Soal 30
How many victims were in that traffic accident?

A.     Two
B.     three
C.      five
D.     eight
E.     none

Soal 31
“…when a Taksaka express train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta rammed into a Toyota Kijang car.”

The underline word has similar meaning to ….

A.     bumped
B.     rushed
C.      erased
D.     ran
E.     parked

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