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Soal 26
How did Bengkel Theater amaze their fans?

A.     They created up to date art work.
B.     They introduced a new drama workshop.
C.      They performed artistically experimental works.
D.     They changed traditional theater into modem one.
E.     They performed modem expressions to the audience.

Soal 27
Why did Gunawan  Muhammad  call Rendra’s series of drama as a “mini-word theater”?

Because . . .

A.     they did not use verbal and body language
B.     they used only simple sounds
C.      they did not use dialogues  
D.     the actors only used their bodies
E.     the actors just kept silent during the show

Soal 28
The writer suggests Rendra as … .

A.     A multi-talented artist.
B.     An astonishing drama writer.
C.      The exemplary artist of Indonesia.
D.     The greatest movie actor of all time.
E.     The peacock of the Indonesian drama.

Soal 29
Gunawan Mohamad dubbed ‘these experimental performances as … (paragraph 3)

The underlined word can be replaced by… .

A.     shared
B.     named  
C.      shaked
D.     worked
E.     wrapped

This text is for question 30 to 32

BRITAIN : They have a show. They have a social networking. Now comes, Wikileaks­ the album. Wikileaks is branching out into the entertainment industry, announcing a “Beat the Blockade” CD intended to raise money to keep the online transparency advocates afloat.

The group said in a statement late Thursday that the CD would feature 12 songs including “Where There Are No Secret,” “The Ballad of Julian Assange,” and “B Manning” .

It’s the latest attack outside the secret-busting business for Wikileaks, which has spawned a TV show called “The World Tomorrow” and started its own social network, called Friends of Wikileaks.


Wikileaks chief Julian Assange says his website , which once featured an anonymous electronic drop box for secret document, has been effectively mothballed by a US financial blockade . – AP

Soal 30

What is meant by the latest attack outside the secret-busting business for Wikileaks?

A.     The website business of Wikileaks.
B.     The electronic box for secret documents
C.      The music CD called “Beat the Blockade”.
D.     The TV show called “The World Tomorrow”.
E.     The social network called Friends of Wikileaks .

Soal 31
What is the text about?

A.     A website name Wikileaks.
B.     A TV show called “The World Tomorrow”.
C.      Wikileaks’ CD entitled “Beat the Blockade”.
D.     Wikileaks ‘ anonymous electronic drop box.
E.     The secret-busting business for Wikileaks

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